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Photos: bombardment of Kobayat by IAF 12 August 2006

صور من الغارة الاسرائيلية على القبيات صباح 12 آب 2006

The main road of kobayat-andaket is totally closed and the strike has destroyed the fiber optics link between the PSTN of kobayat and andaket. the Sewer network has been totally destroyed also. No telephone line to the outside only for internal call inside kobayat. below you can find the list of houses that have some damage in addition to the fire caused by the electricity while the destruction of the cables in the area among the mentioned houses: nader nader, raad raad, antoine jemaa, johnny jemaa, georges toumma, elias tannous, elie nader.





Photos: George Karam



Photos: Joseph Joumaa



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